The Red River

Greetings fellow adventurers and welcome to another fun blog post this one is going to be something truly wonderful. In it, I take you through to the village of Westlock. A place where you must cross the Red River. Used in transporting small goods to an unknown location. Now, this post is going to be a short one, but believe me, it’s worth it.
It’s carved out into the land and the world you wander about in is something that truly will make you excited. In it, you travel through the wilderness, and there standing before you is this majestic river. BLanketed with trees and thick brush. A place was forgotten by the hands of time. A world where you will see such creatures never before seen by those from the outside world. The voices of spirits and the lingering memories of the events that had taken place on the land will forever haunt those that enter this place.
When you reach the water there you will be greeted by the mystical being that offers wisdom and will stand as a reminder of the beauty of life. It’s something that I do believe is going to be pretty cool. With all that, that’s going to unfold for the player, and with all that adventure and fantasy. You come across a serpent that separates the village from that of the world outside it, for someone such as the player who is playing from the outside world. It makes sense, just don’t too much about it.
But I do find that this portion of the game takes you through the village and all that surrounds it to be honest something fun. I am truly excited about this.
Now, I’m trying to make this game the best game on the planet in terms of text adventures. Games with much love, with such great visuals, with the heart and soul that will forever live within the mind of the player. Games like these aren’t made to be flashy, they aren’t made to tickle the imagination, and to be shared with everyone. As works of art that will forever live on within the library of the human mind.
But the mapping and the directional path are completed and tomorrow I’ll start working on the room descriptions. A new video will be released this weekend so keep an eye out for that. Until next time adventurers, follow the way of the lamp.


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