The Next Video Game Crash Is Happening.

Have you ever looked out into the world around you and realized that everyone sucks? Not just life in general, but video games, and movies? Don’t get me started on tv shows, I stopped watching tv years ago. But I now realize that everything is made in today’s watered-down world of pretty graphics and absolutely no substance. Is something that I truly am sick and tired of seeing.
I decided to take a peek at steam and their indie titles made by a single person or to a small team with absolutely no budget. But rich in heart and love of the craft. It’s times like this when I can see the writing on the wall. The writing speaks out about the many triple AAA titles that all are carbon copies of games like call of duty, battlefield, and all these other junk titles that bring nothing to the table but with a different number on the end.
There’s no point in even buying a console at this point anymore. The selection is terrible, there’s nothing unique between the two consoles at all. I remember a time when let’s say one console had a game that you knew would never go over to the other. Like the 16-bit era war between Sega and Nintendo. There were so many brilliantly made games to lure the masses over one way or another. But now there’s no point. Almost, as if we are on the verge of another collapse. Do we need one?
Of course, we do. With the crash that took out Atari and many others like it, it brought in innovation, it brought in true talent and those that loved what they did. Once the greed of the few took hold and ruined everything for the rest of us. Now, you may be asking yourself just why I’m on the sidelines hoping for something to happen that will put an end to the EA sports games and the onslaught of killing others online.
It’s because the market is filled with the same tired games. Video games are meant to be fun. Now, I’m not going to say head over and play my game. That’s just not my style. If you like text adventures then sure, go check it out. But you if love the vast world of graphical games then go out and play those. I’m just sick and tired of seeing the same trash over and over again. I miss the innovation, I miss the thrill of the game, something, anything that will bring about the use of imagination.
Do you remember when you would game and need to use your imagination? Perhaps, I’m dating myself with this post? I know, I grew up in the generation of the NES. But during the trying period, I also fell in love with the 2600 and discovered something truly wonderful. Being able to see the game not only with my eyes but with my imagination, the music that picks you up or can send shivers down your spine. The thrill of beating that one boss that had been taking you to the game over the screen countless amount of times.
I’m trying to say that we can still play these games, they are being made all the time by programmers, and creators who have a love for the genre. Who has a love for the prime idea of what playing a video game is all about? Let’s make gaming something to remember and something that we can all enjoy.
Now, with that being said do yourself a favor and for the cost of a cup of coffee, go out and support some wonderful games.


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