What wondrous things await you?

*The Image you are seeing here is one generated by a text-to-image program. Created by an AI program. This is what Quest For Lubok looks like through the eyes of artificial intelligence. Not going to lie, I think it’s pretty cool. Almost like Monkey Island meets Columns.”

The journey one takes through the wilderness of the outside world. The ever-growing landscapes take shape within the mind of the player. It’s something that I truly do love. Making a game from scratch, an entire engine built by myself, and with the ever-expanding story that I’m working on is truly a liberating feeling. Being able to create an entire world from scratch with the lives of so many characters and landscapes, it’s something that truly is wonderful.

I’ve been on a kick to ensure that every new portion of the game from mapping, to coding, to character dialogue, and interactive object descriptions. To that, even the rooms are all completed and tested before I make my videos and write my blog posts. The concept of doing all this as a one-man army does take a toll on the body and imagination. It takes a special type of talent to create something so unique. Now, I’m not out here claiming to be a talented artist, that’s not it at all. But I’m surprised at the length of the game so far that there’s no end in sight. I’ve already broken the 1731 room count.

I can remember back to when I first started mapping out the first section of the game. The dark entrance leads you into the unknown world that will befall the player. It’s the perfect mixture of a vast world with a mixture of characters. It’s a vast open-world book that will forever expand until there’s nothing left to see. But when will that be happening? I give it twenty or so years or whenever someone wants to make a movie on it or something. I know, I’m foolish for thinking that anyone other than myself and a few others enjoys the love of text adventures. It’s a wonderful genre that should be celebrated. But this journey has been something of a wonderful rollercoaster of creativity. Being able to bring about an adventure that will go down in the records as one of the largest in creation.

This new entry that I’m currently working on is something that I do believe you the player will truly enjoy. It’s the concept of the law of sorts. On the left side, one is faced with the existence of a Judge who will seek true punishment on those who are deemed to be guilty. Guilty of what, you may ask? Depends on the actions of the player. But within this place, you will see those remaining souls who are deemed guilty of simply just existing.

In my opinion, something that is truly scary is someone who is in a position that will be allowed to sentence someone without hearing the full story. As the sickness of having a God complex is seen within this place of twisted halls and the ever-decaying complex that brings about these people just attempting to clear their name. Holding cells, darkness, and grim conditions, people just trying to find a means of getting out so that they can get back to attempting to make a living within this dead world.

We can see the human condition of sorts within this forgotten place. A means of understanding just what the court system within this land has at its disposal. I do believe allowing the player to see just the hardships of those who are accused of committing crimes against the land will be something that they will never forget. As for the Judge, I do believe will be a strict and corrupted figure of sorts. Those caught stealing to survive will be punished with death. It’s nothing more than a revolving door to the hangman’s noose.
Of course, there will be many more people that you can interact with, guards from the old world that will be nothing more than a constant reminder of the ever-decaying system that has been left to its own devices. I try my best not to attempt to have the world within the game mirror that of our very own. But the mere fact that this game is seen through the eyes of an outsider, is more than enough to strike fear and bring about a message that will forever linger with you.

As for what awaits you in the East, that will be saved for another time. For, I must go and rest, I’ve been stricken with a terrible head cold that will be the death of me. Or so that is what it feels like. Until next time adventurers, farewell, and stay in the light.

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