The Mages Hall *UPDATE*

Greetings Adventurers, it is I the Quest Master. Recently, I’ve been working away and completed the Mages Hall yesterday, posted a video on it which I think you’ll all be enjoying it. You can find it HERE.

I’ve been putting a lot of work and effort into making this game the best out there for everyone to play. An open-source game that takes you on a travel through to another world. I’ve been venturing around the internet and looking upon some truly wonderful games out there, an adventure of sorts if you will. The number of games out there made by a lone person or a small team that’s usually for free or at least costs a few bucks are truly works of art.
As the world of gaming as a whole has the backing of almost an infinite amount of funding, teams of people that work around the clock, and such support that they can run almost seamlessly for a decade or so. The heart is completely gone from the art of making a great game. But that is one thing I promise you all that I’ll never stop doing and that is allowing myself to remove the passion from my work. Quest For Lubok, as a whole is a game that will forever be about taking the player on a majestic journey into another world. The world as a whole, a creation, a marriage of genres. The point of telling a story, an open source game written entirely in basic. Bringing about a sense of adventure and excitement.

With the addition of the Mages Hall, it really feels as if the means of exploring the world as a whole is fun. This addition is about bringing about a sense of history to the game world.
Having a group of people who were at one point those who dedicated their lives in order to protect the weak, to have the ability to see into the future and ensure peace ruled the land. Having them be such a massive part of the game for the people before the rise of Prince Lubok and then having them retaining what knowledge they have and attempt to do whatever they can in order of upholding their duties.
It’s a constant reminder of what the world was before the darkness engulfed them all. The location entirely brings me back to the games that I use to play as a kid. A mysterious place, with the realm of magic existing, and this portion of the game brings about many new elements as well. The concept of the gateway will allow the player to travel between different times and locations.
The Mages Hall brings about just enough information to learn the true powers that exist within this landscape. Within the province of Akernuh, the creation of such locations, the history of the people, and the means of bringing about a world of magic and mayhem. This is the perfect balance to the world within the game so far.


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