Happy Halloween – What Scares Me.

Happy Halloween, the day is upon us, a world filled with darkness and gloom. We are venturing into a spooky place in our lives. Halloween, in my opinion, is one of the finest days of the year, next to Thanksgiving of course.
Before, I go on about the tired tropes of what scares me I want you all to know that every aspect of Quest For Lubok is a mixture of what I love and what scares me. The means of discovering a world unlike our very own and being nothing more than an outsider looking in. Being separated from the clutches of reality and being forced to wander about not knowing just what will happen to you.

The growing silence and darkness within the realm of the wild is something I truly find scary. Being surrounded by those who you don’t know, not knowing what they will do once they find out you are not from around there. Those are what scare me the most. The silence of nature, following a path that most likely leads you to nowhere.
Being a stranger in a strange land is something that brings about a sense of lack of security. Not knowing where you will end up or just who will be the fall of your life and adventure is something that truly makes me feel utter fear. There’s something to be said about an adventurer, someone who travels alone in a world that will devour you whole. It’s almost like that of someone who’s never left the confines of their small town. The mere idea of leaving the safety of one’s own home, with no plans on how one would take care of themselves, where one’s going to sleep, or even if one could survive on their own merits. These elements are what will forever hang over everyone’s heads when they leave the safety of the world that they know.

That’s what scares me and that’s what you will find within the confines of this new portion of the game entitled “The Hillside”. This portion of the game is void of human life, it’s void of anything but the silence and unknown future that the trail you are walking upon will take you. The fears that lurk within your mind, everything from hearing laughter, the sound of someone or something walking in the distance, the cry of a wild animal that could feast upon your flesh. This fuel the paranoia not only of the character but of the player as well.

It reminds me a lot of when I was snowshoeing in northern Manitoba when I was younger. I was alone in a place that I knew nothing about, equipped with whatever gear I had on me, and wandering about in the wild in the dead of winter. The sounds mixed with the silence and the fear of being lost within a place that will never give you a second chance. Those are the elements I added to this new portion of the game. It’s something that I do think you’ll enjoy and fits perfectly in the game. Because that’s what Quest For Lubok is all about. It’s about taking you out of the comfort of the games you’re used to playing. It’s to take you out of your comfort zone where you use your imagination for the better or worse. That’s what I’m going for within this game and to bring you all along the trip that brings about a sense of dread, fear, and excitement.

It’s a world of dreaming where you are the only one allowed to dream. It’s rather funny if you think about it. People living in a world that many see as a nightmare if forced to live within a world with nothing but dread. But a world of excitement to those who discover it. It’s the perfect combination of all that is wrong with the world.
Those on the outside want to see the faces of pain and suffering within a world that they never witnessed before. Then some are suffering that wish to leave but simply can’t. The perfect combination of what it means to be human. Happy Halloween, Adventurers.


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