The Burial Grounds

The Preacher, a true relic of a forgotten time.

The world around is us rather boring and depressing. Especially, if you are in Edmonton where you know winter is upon us soon enough. I honestly can’t stand the cold and when the snow arrives then everything just feels so depressing in a way. With the last few days before the fall of snow hits Edmonton. I’m writing this blog post to tell you all about the new portion of the game that I’ve finished.
The Burial Ground is a place that is a constant reminder of the fact that with life comes death. The pain felt during those final moments before the spirits of those poor souls fade from this world and move on to the next. I can only imagine stumbling upon a place like this. I have never visited a cemetery in my entire life nor have I ventured to the far corners of the world and look upon the final resting place for those who live no longer. The amount of energy that flows through such a place will constantly tell you just what lurks about the entire field.

Who is it?

There are several characters that you will meet upon wandering through this place. Plenty of lost souls just want to know what will happen to them once they leave. Many of them had been vanquished within the first ten minutes of battling the forces of Prince Lubok.
Of course, you will discover plenty of dark reminders of the past. Skulls litter the ground, statues of the old world, and even an arm from a skeleton that attempts to drag you into the depths of despair. Though, there is a dark side that I truly was taken aback by, that being the sacrificed remains of a child.
The world around you is nothing but a constant reminder of death and in the end, will you allow it to take over your very soul? I sure hope you enjoy the walk around and allow yourself to quickly make an escape and move onward to the next portion of the world. But I do believe that a game such as this should be able to bring about the stark contrast of everyday life. The world of the living and the dead share a very common bond and I believe that it should always be brought up.
In today’s world, the games that make the most money and that bring about the biggest fanbase are those that lack true talent, that has zero passion, and will forever be thrown away within the first few months. Those games are first-person war games. Such tools are the worst of the worst. The fans are inept, the money they steal from the player with microtransactions, and the rest of the lot will forever be nothing more than a work of trash and is beneath you all.
I just find it an insult with how easy and fun they make it to murder another character within a video game. The outcome of life is always death and there should be a reminder of that rather than making it fun for kids all.

Do not place your hand on its shoulder.

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