Fractured Thoughts.

Life is funny in a way. I’ve been working away on the new portions of the game, new areas to explore, and secrets to be told. Blasting forth a wonderful, massive, text adventure. A game in Basic and while I bring about wonderful little glimpses within the world that I am creating. Being known as the Quest Master is just a neat title I gave myself. I figured, being able to work on the largest interactive fiction game in the world.
I’ve been working on this game since June as an attempt to give myself a fun little project to bring about a passion I had so many years ago. I don’t know what it is but I’m feeling very proud about this project and knowing that you the reader are a part of this wonderful adventure. Yesterday, I watched a film with my very good friend and it was terrible. It reminded me of everything about the past that was truly wonderful. The movie was Clerks III and jeez it was awful. I didn’t laugh once and the entire film was just missing a laugh track.
But it reminded me of so many of the fine things we’ve all grown up with that we thought were just perfect and once they attempt to make it again it falls flat. With exception of course of some classic games that I won’t mention here. Perhaps, the things of the past that we loved so very much should remain in the past?

There are moments when I wonder if the game itself will always just linger in my mind until the end of time. Will I be forever working on a project with absolutely no end until I die or be driven mad by the amount of work it is that I’ve piled upon myself?
I wonder at times just what the world would be like if we were able to live within a certain pocket of time. By existing in a world which let’s say it’s the era of 8-bit gaming that will play out until we’ve had our fill. I wonder what it would be like to step into some sort of machine like a VR headset or holodeck of sorts. Being able to live through the period of choice and live out the remainder of our days just enjoying what makes us happy?
I’ve been wondering about this planet for quite some time and wonder just what it would be like to go back in time and relive a day from my childhood. Waking up on a Saturday morning and sneaking downstairs to play the NES or 2600 and eating sugary breakfast cereals. Away from the confines of adulthood, away from the garbage happening in the world today. Everything is so depressing and manufactured to bring everything down. I was thinking about the recent influx of modern games and remakes and believe they are made just to depress the masses who loved the original versions. Or maybe it’s all a tax scam of sorts. I don’t know, this is just what I think about anyways.
I’ve reached the 1,404 Rooms mark and was wondering about the very concept of the world I’m creating. You know making a great text adventure takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Though, what I see in my mind as compared to what I write to my surprise is almost spot on. Of course, the player brings about a certain way that the game looks, for each imagination is different and that’s the best in my opinion.

Roughly, about fifteen years ago I discovered a nice game entitled Hunt the Wumpus. Even though it was written in Basic back in the seventies for the home computers that ran on DOS, which in my opinion is an amazing setup.
I spent countless hours playing that game, my wrist was soar from writing out maps. The fear of wandering about a vast cave system. With the threat of Bats, pits, and the dreaded beast itself. I was always playing the game, it was an addiction to me. So much so, that it was almost like my secret passion.
During holidays such as Thanksgiving, I would go out and visit my family and of course, they had an old Dell computer. Now, I’m talking about it, I mean it had XP on it and would freeze if it was in the middle of the equator. But, running it on that machine with a nice drink all the while the weather outside was miserable was a lot of fun for me. It made me feel as if I were living in an entirely different time.
I’m hoping to fill your lives with adventure and excitement with every new installment of the story. Perhaps, what I’m doing here and writing and making videos on is falling on deaf ears for the time being? Who knows? Until next time adventurers, I am the Quest Master.

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