Ver. 1.85.3 Is Now Out.

Greetings everyone, it is me the Quest Master and I’m here to share with you all what I’ve been working on lately. I’ve been diving deep into an abandoned cave that used to be a mine back before the darkness of Prince Lubok had befallen the land. In it, you will meet some interesting characters, and lose information about those poor fools that had found themselves lost within such a place. The poor souls who had decided to take to live underground to prevent themselves from being forced to fight.
In this area of the game, you learn about an ancient God of theirs and bring about the knowledge that there is a cult in the area that operates under the cloak of darkness.
While I did work on this portion of the game, I honestly felt as if this location brings about a lot to those who still call it home. I honestly do love portions of this game because it brings out the characters that live within such a place. I see it as what many others had to do to survive. There are plenty of connections between the world within the game and the world around us. The creation of the characters and the backstory is something that I truly love to do. I find working on a text adventure such as this to be truly energizing using artistic creation.
When someone thinks of an underground portion of a game, I believe it is looked upon just like that an underwater stage. Most people don’t like it, most people don’t understand that a video game is to bring about a sense of adventure. Just like every before this one, I too cringe at the thought of putting the player underground. But I am proud to say that I have never put an underwater portion in this game.
There’s something about not only going to the ends of the earth within said game. But why not explore beneath the soil? Why not break free of the world and see just what it was like to lose attempting to avoid the insanity that had broken free upon those poor souls?
Since I was a kid I was always enthralled with the secret worlds hidden beneath the service. My mind would race with just what hasn’t been discovered as of yet. What monuments, temples, and cities we have yet to discover? Of course, the idea of a lost city beneath the earth where there is a fully functional city is something that I know will never happen alright. I know that if there ever was one, it would be some sort of base or something like that. But in a good adventure game, you will always find a wonderful city below your feet or a city in the sky…city in the sky? I think I have an idea now. But, that will be for another time.
Do I think it’s going to be fun? Of course, I do, I believe that the underground portions of the world are just as fun as the above-surface levels. Well, what else can I say about my thoughts on this section of the game? Nothing.

But with this portion of the game complete, I added it to the master file and uploaded it onto GitHub for you all to download and check it out for yourself and you decide.


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